Beautybyimpulse offers several features and options for advertisers. Please provide a detailed submission along with the necessary contact information in regards to your upcoming campaign(s) and it will be forwarded to beauty editor Alyssa Frangedakis.

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Product Submissions

We are always searching and scouting for the latest and greatest products to test, review and feature on beauty by impulse along with our social channels. Any product(s) sent are for consideration and a potential placement on our website, it is not guaranteed. Please use the contact form for product submissions and provide us with a detailed summary of your proposition, along with social channels and/or username tags and hashtags you would like included in listings.  We will respond accordingly.

 Review Policy

All Reviews are written in an honest fashion. Alyssa Renee Frangedakis will not accept payment or compensation in the form of “fantastic reviews”.


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