The Basis of Conservatism and Liberalism

It's no secret that Conservatives and Liberals are completely opposite in philosophies--- however many of our younger generations are unaware of the CORE differences as each side has been painted very differently by the media. Let's explore. There will be future posts on each difference per core value. 



Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, American Value, and a strong national defense. They also believe that the Government should only be present to provide the people with freedom. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems.


Liberals believe in Government to achieve Equality for All. They believe Government is essential to alleviate social ills, civil liberties, individual and human rights. Liberals look to the government to solve all needs, to make sure no one is in need. Government should be present in all aspect of an individuals life. 


My thoughts on Government Control

From a conservative point of view: As free thinking Americans, we should be able to decide what is best for ourselves, and our family. We should be given the choice whether or not we want to vaccinate our children, And we should decide what educational system or schooling we enroll our children in.  Government should play a minimal role in our lives. When government is present in every aspect of ones life there is no room to grow as an individual and American. Too much Government presence in the lives of Americans leads to too much Government Control and dependence ultimately disarming the people from their individuality, free thinking and pursuit of happiness.  Too much government control will cause the people to merely exist, not live. It takes away from people's ability to be present, and have a purpose.   

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