Card Company Launches a Hilarious, Sarcastic Theme To Gift Anti-Trump Supporters

Last Tuesday was the Presidential Election of a lifetime. People are rioting, moving to Canada and developing new found hatred for bad comb-overs.  Crimson and Clover has the best solution for all the follow Anti-Trumpers to lighten the mood with snarky and sarcastic sympathy cards. Each card is $4.50 each and are printed on 110lb white cardstock.

For the Anything but Trump Voters:


There Are No Words For How Shitty This Is. Sympathy Card. Funny Sympathy Card.

The Sympathy Card:


I'll Drink With You. Funny Sympathy Card. Empathy Card. Sympathy Card.

(In spirits of course, Alcohol + an angry liberal is never a good outcome.)

The Anti-Trumpers are Depressed Card:


This Sucks. Sympathy Card. Funny Sympathy Card. Empathy Card. Sympathy Card.

card company

Crimson and Clover is the witty, sassy hilarious source for greetings cards and gifts founded by Rachel Khona ( “It all started with the text messages and sticky notes my then-boyfriend and I would leave for each other. Whether it was in a carton of eggs, in the coffee maker, or on the bathroom mirror, we got a kick out of leaving each other notes. Alas he turned out to be a turd so I had to give him the boot. But his notes did give me an idea, why don’t I apply my talent for sticky note writing to funny greeting cards and gifts? And poof! Crimson and Clover (named after the Jimmy Eat World song “A Praise Chorus”) was born.” -Rachel Khona

This post was not intended to offend anyone though some triggering may occur..

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