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Nerium Eye Serum; Nerium Reviews

*First and foremost, I would like to clarify that I do not make commission on any purchase of Nerium Products. I am not a sales associate for Nerium International. I will disclose that I do have a relationship with Nerium International, for the sole purpose of content creation. Nerium International invited Beauty by Impulse to try their product for the sole purpose of facilitating unbiased and honest Nerium Reviews for my viewers and the company. Beauty by Impulse does not accept payment or any forms of compensation in exchange for a "Superior" or Fantastic Review. All Product Submissions/features are products that our Beauty Editor has tested. All opinions are our own. 

Nerium Eye Serum

Nerium Reviews

Nerium International is a billion dollar marketing company with break through products that are validated by years of scientific research and development. Nerium was launched in 2011, and has tremendously grown in popularity since achieving record breaking sales and industry accolades while attracting millions of fans. 

I will be honest with you, I am EXTREMELY skeptical of products sold behind multi-level marketing companies. I learned about Nerium from a friend who was participating in a brand partnership. With companies such as Rodan Fields, Mary Kay, even Younique now, I automatically question the quality and authenticity of the products. Upon looking at photos of the instant results Nerium's products claim to provide, I immediately thought Nerium had to be a scam and/or the photos were retouched and photo shopped. As a Medical Aesthetician with profound experience and knowledge on procedures and treatments, I was convinced the products were all hype and a popular fad. With the popularity of  Skin care and Anti-Aging products on the rise, there are a lot of products that simply do not deliver the results as stated or promised. 

So Does Nerium Really Work?!

I would love to provide more Nerium Reviews, however in this article I will be focusing and reviewing Nerium's Eye Serum only. I would have included the video, however my initial reaction to seeing the results-- was not one of a professional manner to say the least! I was astonished, almost stunned and completely baffled. I spent the next few hours googling and trying to figure out how the product worked. 

Before & After Photo's: Nerium Reviews

Nerium's Results

The same day I received Nerium's Eye Serum, my uncle (from Lebanon) came for a visit. I have always questioned if I was perhaps adopted, as I am a skin care fanatic, where as my mother couldn't successfully tell you the difference between a cleanser and a moisturizer. My uncles skin has endured A LOT of sun exposure, and has deep visible wrinkling around the eye region. He was the PERFECT test subject. Raising one eyebrow and looking at me like I was a salesman's dream, he agreed to let me apply Nerium's Eye Serum. I find that it works best if you have a small compact battery powered fan, as it will dry more quickly. I used one pump and used my ring finger to gently tap the area with the deepest wrinkles. I had no prior testing knowledge on Nerium's products, My initial response to seeing the instant results of applying the serum, was an unfiltered response to say the least. The wrinkles began to visibly disappear while the skin absorbed the serum. Mind blowing is probably a phrase that would most accurately describe my experience with this product. As you can see these photo's have not been retouched or altered in any way aside from adding text to the photos. 

Test Subject (2) My Mother

My Mother by far is the biggest skeptic on the Skin care Industry and field. She's a Capricorn & that explains it all. She doesn't believe in the results of products and/or ingredients and believes to look younger invasive (cosmetic surgery) is needed. Gone are those days, as technology has advanced! It's time to get with the program mom! Anyways, Her eye region has fine lines which are less deep then my prior "model", Age Spots, and discoloration. I applied the same amount of Nerium, in the same manner. 

Nerium Reviews, skin care, anti aging, before and after photos

My Thoughts On Nerium International

I was both shocked and intrigued by my experience testing Nerium's products. I feel-- that many people are afraid to purchase and try these products, based off experiences with other companies who are affiliated with Multi-Level Marketing. I have tried many products that have claimed to instantly remove the appearance of wrinkles, ranging in price from $12.00 to 92.00. Nerium's Eye Serum was definitely the product with the most drastic results. I definitely recommend this line as it provides instant results, which over time repair and improve the texture, firmness, and appearance of the skin. 

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Alyssa Renee

Alyssa Renee

Alyssa Renee is the founder and publisher of Beauty by Impulse. Alyssa Renee is an expert in Skincare Therapy. She received her education in Medical Aesthetics, Skincare Treatments, and Anti-Aging. Alyssa's profound knowledge in the skincare industry comes from furthering her education and working alongside Cosmetic Dermatologists Medically Assisting and Shadowing. She then obtained her certification in Makeup Artistry and Specializes in Transformation Makeovers, which includes establishing the proper skincare regimens, makeup application & beauty coaching. To contact Alyssa Renee with an Inquiry or Press Release Visit the Contact/Press Page, or follow her on Social Media. For Product Submissions, Features, Reviews & All other Press Inquiries please fill out our form as detailed as possible with your contact information!

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  1. Thank you so much for this unbiased review. The products truly are remarkable and because of their real results I experienced myself, I decided to start sharing them with others.

  2. i was thrilled to see your review on the Nerium Eye Serum. i recently became a Brand Partner with Nerium and having a hard time dealing with skeptics because i know how great it is. this review will help get the word out about Nerium. Thank you

    1. I understand your frustrations. Nerium is wonderful, I am actually going to review the body contour cream next. My readers are all aware of my severe disliking with multi-level marketing companies, as they mislead others for the purpose to gaining commission, but what they are failing to realize is that sale will not establish repeat purchases. I believe other companies such as Rodan & Fields, Mary Kay, Younique etc, hurt Nerium’s sales as they’re all categorized under multilevel marketing, which the term in itself has left a bad taste with a lot of people. People will not understand the results until they try them themselves, as silly as that is. The more people who try and are astounded by the results will sooner or later surpass the skeptics! They say word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing! 🙂 Glad to have helped you out!

  3. All of us as brand partners with Nerium International know our products are superbly effective but I is wonderful and with extreme thanks to have a wonderful, credible source endorse our eye serum with flying colours. I had amazing results in just a matter of days with my 60 year old skin and decided then and there that I had to share this with others also. So excited and again, many thanks for your awesome critique ! ….Sharon Steeves

  4. Thank you so much for your review. It is great to hear that the results have helped change your view. Sceptics are found daily for brand partners. I love how the results can change people’s minds. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and results definitely show quality :]

  5. I was a skeptic at first also. Been in the beauty industry for 38 years and never saw a product work as effectively as Nerium does. I had huge results in 3 weeks with the Nerium night cream. The eye serum is off the charts. Had results within less than 2 minutes! What do you have to lose but wrinkles with this product!!! 🤗

  6. Thank you for your review and honesty. It is nice that you were open minded to try the product without bias. My personal experience with a Nerium has been amazing both in product results and business opportunity. I appreciate the culture and ethics of the company. I look forward to your next review!

  7. Thank you so much, Alyssa, for your unbiased review. With all the attacks on MLMs or network marketing companies and direct sales products, it can be daunting to attempt to share a passion via word-of-mouth. So many would rather purchase products from a retail store shelf or directly from their dermatologist than support a friend who is offering the personal touch because that friend truly cares. They won’t even stop to listen for 5 minutes. So, it’s great to have another credible resource to share and include in marketing materials. Pictures ARE worth 1000 words, and you have THREE! Truly appreciate your time and your willingness to try the product then review it. Definitely going to be sharing this blog post. Blessings!

  8. Alyssa, thank you for sharing your experience and results. It’s refreshing to find an honest review that’s not layered with ulterior motives. You’re right. So many are skeptical because of the bad name given to MLM or direct sales or even relationship marketing. Far too many would rather purchase an item from a retail store shelf than from a friend offering the personal touch. It’s often difficult to get anyone to listen for even 1 minute after they find out it’s a product offered via “one of *those* things.” So, it’s great having another credible resource with an honest review. A picture IS worth 1000 words, and you have THREE! 🙂 Definitely going to be sharing this blog. Appreciate your time and willingness to try the serum and write a review. Blessings.

  9. Is it expensive? I have tried several products including Biocell, I see no change & that wasn’t too expensive , but when you order on line the tax shipping charges get up there. I’m on a monthly income, & pay market rent plus, so I must say if Nexium is as good as you say it is, then I most likely wouldn’t be able to afford it.

    1. Hi Joanna, Nerium’s products range they are usually 80-100$ for serums and skincare. I believe the capsules are $80.00 I do believe that the partners give trial samples etc. Check out their website or facebook page to link up with one! 🙂

      1. Hi Joanna, our eye serum is $60 for a monthly order and $80 retail. I like to share with customers that it is an investment in the future of your skin–our eye serum is the only on the market with immediate AND long-term benefits. My page is if you’d like to take a look or need any help. Blessings to you and thank you, Alyssa! You are fabulous!

    2. Hi Joanna! Nerium has a 3UrFree program. Refer 3 friends and your product is free. I’d love to send you more info. I have been a brand partner for almost 2 years and believe in the product whole heartedly especially after seeing the huge changes in my own skin. Feel free to e-mail me at to get a free sample with no strings attached ☺️

    3. I’m so sorry, I just realized that another brand partner already reached out to you! I appologize. But the results are amazing and I hope you give it a shot!