Nik Richie from “The Dirty” Inspired by Melania Trump Makes Revolutionary Changes

Nik Richie

Millions of normal individuals have fallen victims to vicious attacks, slanderous remarks and online bullying and shaming, including our First Lady Melania Trump. Famous iconic blogger and owner of The Dirty, Nik Richie has had a tremendous change of heart after listening to Melania Trump’s speech and stance on cyber-bullying.  Nik Richie told Radar Online in an interview,

“For ten years, I created a massive following giving people the opportunity to voice and submit as a third party, It wasn’t until I watched Melania Trump’s speech and her stance on cyberbullying [that I had a realization]. I asked myself, ‘As a father am I doing what’s right for my family or this country?’ I looked in the mirror and had my wake up call. Am I part of the problem or solution? I am the problem.”

As a person who has fallen victim of Maliciously being posted on “The Dirty” for the means of cyber bullying, I support Nik Richie’s decision. 

What we need to remember is the blogger and owner of this website is not responsible for content posted onto the website, as it is posted through third party entities. Despite the large and apparent backlash Nik Richie is receiving from internet trolls also known as the “Dirty Army” which can be found on Nik’s twitter and comment section, I think it’s a very honorable thing that he is doing to help and prevent victims of cyber bullying and online harassment. Nik Richie’s site is being revamped and will act as a mainstream media news outlet and source. Nik Richie also quoted in his interview

“I truly believe if Melania Trump can change me, we can all be better,” Richie added. “I’m committed to making a fiber of mainstream media and no longer an institution of cyberbullying.”

This is a wonderful example of change in a positive way, thanks to our wonderful first lady Melania Trump and we should commemorate Nik for vocally taking a stand. the dirty


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