How to Spot a Liar – 10 Clues to Tell When Someone Is Lying

How to spot a liar

Everyone lies. Whether it’s little white lies or preventing someone’s feelings from being hurt, then you have people who are downright pathological liars. People who lie for the sake of lying and will lie about virtually anything. Infact they’re so good at lying, it’s often hard to decipher a lie — from the truth. Although liars may be charming and believable,  lies will always surface, it’s only a matter of time. Here are my tips and tricks on How to Spot a Liar

How to Spot a Liar

 1. Words Don’t Match Actions

Liars are charismatic, cunning and charming. They bait you with words. If you’re finding yourself confused as to why they say one thing and do another, most likely their lying.

2. Excuses upon Excuses

Liars will always have an excuse, and sometimes their excuses can be downright outrageous. Last minute emergencies, a friend in need, flat tires, something at work– the thing is, if an excuse is used quite frequently, chances are the person is a liar. And a Liars excuses are the gift that keeps on giving.

3. “Story-telling” & Excessive Detail

Many times you can spot a liar by closely paying attention to what is being said. If it takes a person 20 minutes to tell you something that could have been summed up in 2 minutes, chances are they’re lying to you. Liars use excessive detail to make stories seem more believable. Liars love to live out the lie. Pay attention to something random in the story, and later ask about it and see if the story changes or remains the same.

4. No Eye Contact— or Too Much Eye Contact

When liars lie, depending on the liar, they will either avoid eye contact, or give too much eye contact. Too much eye contact is a tactic that is used as a liar believes if they look you in the eye intensely you will interpret as them being honest.

5. Slower Speaking, Longer pauses and excessive filler words

If the fluidity of a persons speaking shifts, becoming more slow with longer pauses and excessive filler words such as “Um, Ah, Well” they’re caught of guard and trying to put together a lie. A persons tone will usually change when lying. Pay close attention.

6. Shifting the Blame

You can almost always spot a liar by noticing that an individual usually always shifts the blame onto another person. This method is also known as “Gas lighting”.

7. Fidgeting and Clearing Throat

Liars either become nervous or have an adrenaline rush while lying, to deal with the excessive adrenaline they will either become fidgety or excessively clear their throat. Fidgeting may come in the form of moving fingers, or touching their face, such as chin, nose etc.

8. Hidden Palms & Body Language

When someone is truthful, body language tells us when speaking and using hand movement their palms will be visible. When someone hides their hands or palms, it can be sign of deceit or discomfort

9. Silent Cellphone & Downward Faced Screen

This is a dead giveaway on how to spot a liar. We all have passcodes on our phone to protect our privacy however if someone constantly has their phone on silent and always puts the screen facing downwards, it shows they are hiding something.

10. Intuition

If you have a feeling in your gut that somethings “a little off” or just not right, chances are it’s usually not. Never ignore the power of intuition.

If you have any other ways on spotting a liar, feel free to comment in the comment section! Hope you enjoyed.


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  1. The pitch of ones voice rises during a statement has always been a dead giveaway in my experience.

  2. The pitch of one’s voice rises during a statement has always been a dead giveaway in my experience.