5 Ways to Get Ready Faster

You’ve overslept, now what? Wouldn’t it be great if getting ready wasn’t so time consuming? Well– It doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 Easy Ways to Get Ready Faster with Vanity Planet

1. Skincare

Having a set skincare routine will help you get ready faster, and leave you with an overall feeling of refreshment. Skincare products containing menthol provide a soothing and tingling feeling that gives you a sense of alertness. Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa has everything you need to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin awakening your senses. It eliminates the time it takes to cleanse, rinse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize etc.

2. Style Your Hair in Minutes

Get ready faster

Eliminate the hassle and time consumption by using Vanity Planet’s Tame Pro Flat Iron. This iron has multiple uses and does minimal damage to your hair. You can cut out the time it takes to blow dry your hair and use the Tame Pro on Damp hair. Not only can you use it on damp hair to straighten and dry, but you can also use it to create curls.

3. Add Fast Volume

Get ready faster

Want to add more volume, without using a ton of products? Use Vanity Planet’s Volumizing Hot Brush to add fullness and volume to your hair in seconds!

4. Easy Makeover

Avoid the clutter and cleanup time of laying out ALL of your makeup products with Vanity Planet’s Weekly Essentials Kit. Everything you need for a basic makeup application comes neatly organized in this kit. It comes complete with 6 eyeshadows, concealer, blush, lip color, lip liner, three brushes, and mascara. The packaging makes this ideal to take with you on travel trips, or simply for touching up.

5. & Most Importantly Coffee!



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