Need An Eyeliner That Stays?!

try too faced’s bulletproof eyeliner ♥

Tired of having to always reapply your eyeliner?! Want something that stays? Say Goodbye to short lasting eyeliner, and Hello to something long lasting. SO long lasting it’s bulletproof.

Line it. Blend it. Smoke it. Create a precise, high-impact line or blend to create a quick smoldering, smokey eye that locks down in seconds for 24-hour bulletproof wear.

3′ way lash lining eyeliner♥

Once you try a 3-way, you’ll never go conventional again. This hardworking tool features three ways to satisfy your need for thicker, lusher lashes: a lash emphasizing dot tool, tight-liner and traditional liner. P.S. It’s also got quite a talent for cat eyes.

2 thoughts on “Need An Eyeliner That Stays?!

    • beautyimpulse101 says:

      Aw thank you hun! && Yess it’s the only eyeliner that doesn’t smear off under my eyes! It really works wonders! They also have the eyeliners in sweet colors like, aqua, purples, bronze and white! If you click the images you can see all the variety! xoxox

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