Beauty Impulse Update!!

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crowdflowerHello to all of my beauty lovers! Thank you for reading! I haven’t made a blog post in 1.5 days and it feels like eternity. I have GOOD news for all of my makeup crazed, fashionistas! ……♥ while I was on a 1.5 day hiatus from blogging, I was thinking of blogging, and searching for the best deals for you guys! ♥ AND…………. I have a special surprise deal, that no one will be able to resist, however, I’m not allowed to post it until SEPTEMBER 8TH so make sure you come back then and check out my page! I am also, in contact with a few new companies, that have some innovative, creative products that I am going to be sharing with you guys very soon! I love to find undiscovered things! I’m a natural born trendsetter! What Have my beauty bloggers been up to?! Tell me something exciting!



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