New Beauty Product Reviews, Products for Dry Skin!

dry skin, skin type

is by far the absolute worst skin type to have.

Some days, I question if I evolved from a reptile. My skin can get so dry, it’s almost unbearable. As if dry skin wasn’t enough of a curse, add EXTREMELY sensitive skin to the mix. If you use the wrong skin products, that’s legitimately a recipe for ……….


so, I decided to try these organic products.


Yes to cucumbers, cooling, soothing facial toner mist for ultimate rehydration, a soft bristled exfoliating brush, and yes to cucumbers cleansing makeup remover towelettes.

I don’t know what it is about regular makeup removing wipes, but they heavily irritate my skin. They burn, and make my under eyes feel raw. It’s very frustrating when I’m removing my mascara and eyeliner, and I happen to be a little over dramatic. Bite me. (not really) But I’m seriously in AGONY every time I have to remove my mascara and eyeliner.

yes to cucumbers hypo allergenic makeup removing wipes;

I’m not quite sure how I feel about them to be honest with you. I literally rushed home from target and SO EXCITED to remove my makeup! (when does that ever happen?! .. like never) So I opened the package, and they weren’t very wet. Infact they were actually more on the dry side. They didn’t remove my makeup either. I have to do more testing of these to come to a final conclusion. I’m not impressed with them, and I definitely would not repurchase in the future. It barely even smells like cucumbers for crying out loud!

yes to cucumbers hypo allergenic cooling soothing hydration toner mist

Ok…FIRST OFF….. this thing needs to come with a warning label. When it says “Mist” I’m thinking more along the lines of a tropical mist sweeping up against my face in the middle of the tropics on a warm sunny day… I wasn’t expecting a mist that would be equivalent to a fireman’s hose trying to extinguish a fire from a  burning building… That really caught me off guard. That’s one of those moments where I hit myself in the head and wished I had that on video! Why didn’t I video blog this!?


This stuff Is like God’s gift to his children he cursed with dry skin! It felt so refreshing and my skin literally soaked the mist right up! It can be a little sticky, if you use too much of it. I applied the toner, and let it dry, and my makeup went on smoothly after that! I also did some experimenting with it and it works great as a setting spray one your makeup is applied! and it makes your foundation look glowing! I give this product 2 thumbs up!

LIKE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!? ♥♥ I definitely recommend you try the “yes to cucumbers” toner mist! I love it!

What do you guys think?! Has anyone tried these products and what were your thoughts and impressions?!

3 thoughts on “New Beauty Product Reviews, Products for Dry Skin!

  1. Stef says:

    Those cucumber wipes (well any from Yes To) are my favorite wipes of them all. They don’t get all the makeup off, but I use them nights when I’m too lazy to wash my face, so most is better than none! They shouldn’t feel dry though, I wonder if your package was old and dried out?


    • beautyimpulse101 says:

      I certainly hope not! I used them again last night after I cleansed and exfoliated and my face was still a little damp, they worked good. My mascara always gets stuck around the base of my eyelids so I use them for that! It was also the top wipe so that could be why it felt dry! Have you tried the hydration mist!??! I’m like in love with it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Stef says:

        I love how big the wipes are because it allows me to really wipe my eyes to remove mascara and eyeliner (without just rubbing foundation everywhere again). I have found that the wipes near the bottom tend to me more moist, so I’m sure it was just an issue with the top wipe. I have not used the hydration mist, tell me more!


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