Body Merry , New Innovative All Natural & Organic Skincare Line

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Are you feeling dull? Does your skin need a lift?! Body Merry is a new innovative all natural and organic anti-aging and repairing skin care line! Recently, Body Merry chose to send me their press release launch of their product. I am sharing this because, 1.) I wasn’t quite sure heaven existed, but I have found it, it is now located on my bathroom shelf and 2.) It contains natural ingredients, that are essential in anti-aging, and reparative treatment for your skin!

IMG_20150910_102329The 3 Products I received from Body Merry were




As you can see by the size, they are very generous with the product! That is such a plus, because other companies products especially creams, come in smaller containers. These are decent to large sized, and not to mention… totally cute!


One HUGE thing I’m going to point out, and reiterate to my viewers is, is that just because a product says “ALL NATURAL” on the label, does not make it “Organic” or even natural for that matter. Always check the ingredients. Look for chemicals and toxic ingredients under other names. For example, if an item says it’s sugar free yet you see these on the ingredients; glucose, sucrose, panocha, dextran etc; It’s not sugar free. Sugar has over 56 names for it. Enough about sugar; the same applies for beauty products! Skin care is so important, because your skin is your protective suit, and the items you put on your skin, penetrate to your body and bloodstream.

IMG_20150910_103344Body Merry’s products contain Seaweed, Shea Butter, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Retinol, and other natural elements. These key ingredients are extremely important in helping your skin, not only repair and restore, but prevent and treat current damage and aging of your skin. When I opened my jars of product, it smelled fresh and natural. This is an important thing to notice and recognize. Natural, Organic products will not have a heavy scent, nor smell like “The Body Shop” It is not loaded with tons of perfume, which is horrible for your skin. The aroma of the product is very subtle and natural.

day to night eye gel :

This is the first product I tested. If you have watched my Youtube Channel, you are aware of my frustration with black circles. I applied this gel and it firmed and brightened my eyes, as well as diminished any dehydrated area with fine lines and wrinkles! I really love this product, because I am unable to wear a lot of eye serums because of skin sensitivity. Since this is a gentle organic and natural line, it is applicable for everyone. Even those with sensitive skin.

Stretch marks & scar cream :

This creams texture is very rich, creamy and thick. You can smell the natural aroma of the Shea butter. ORGANIC Shea butter has a subtle distinctive natural aroma, this is how I can tell this product has high concentrates of shea butter. I applied it to my skin, and it honestly felt like silk gliding across my skin. If I could stay in my bathroom all day just rubbing this product on my skin, I probably would! It really hydrated my skin, making it feel flawlessly smooth, it feels clean, natural, and non processed.

cellulite defense;

Ok this one is my favorite. I opened the jar, and the product is a jelly type gel. It has a peppermint/eucalyptus minty aroma. I put this on my skin, and it firmed my skin as well as added a little shine. I was very surprised within the next 60 seconds, I had a cooling tingly sensation on the areas I added the gel. It makes my skin feel perky and toned, and it feels good on your skin, not to mention it smells GREAT!

click the images to open a separate window to body merry’s website!
or click here

I enjoy these products! I really love them. I recommend everyone purchase natural products like these, they have so many repairing and healing properties. What do you guys think about the products!?



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