My Beauty Secret & Trick To Applying Eye Shadow

Hello my beauty fanactics! ♥ How is your day going? Today I’m making my blog post all about Eye Shadow, and blending techniques. I’m even going to let you in on my own  beauty trick & secret. SHHH! Don’t tell anyone!

what you need to know

Despite the ever so gorgeous and breathtaking eye shadow photo’s you’ve seen on the internet, keep in mind that they have been retouched, cropped and brightened. Don’t get discouraged and feel bad if your eye shadow doesn’t turn out like an exact replica of your example. ♥

Screenshot_2015-09-11-12-34-00In today’s post I am going to be vague on the topic of eye shadow brushes. If you are not familiar with eye shadow brushes, my apologies! I will be posting a blog all about brushes very soon! Anyways.. Here are my products today. I’m using a wet n wild palette because its very affordable, and easy to purchase, so if you would like to practice, or replicate the look In this blog, it will be easy to do so! Mac’s long lasting eyeliner; seriously this is the only liquid eyeliner that STAYS in place. Water and a cleanser won’t even remove it completely. You never have to worry about touching that baby up! Urban Decay’s Primer Potion; You don’t have to use Urban Decay, but It’s what I have found to work the best for me.


When you are applying your primer, do not put it all over your eyes. Only on the eyelid, never on the brow bone and above. It will be very difficult for you to blend, and have contrast with your shadow if you put it all over.

use a concealer stick to outline.

This will help you with viewing where you are going to put your crease, and how far upwards you want to blend outwards.


After you have primed your eyelids apply a flesh color eyeshadow for an all over base. I personally use Makeup Forever High High Definition Setting Powder. There is a reason for this! when you are applying a dark shade into your crease, you will have trouble blending your eye shadow, because the dark color will stick to the primer making it almost impossible to blend evenly. Always start from the end corner or your eye, with a crease brush and move forward in circular motion, this will blend the color and go from dark to light.

Screenshot_2015-09-12-19-09-02Using the HD powder prior to applying your eye shadow makes the color easily blend with one another rather than sticking to the primer itself. Using an HD powder will also give your eyeshadow a natural “airbrushed” look. That is the method that I prefer, It makes the shadow look more neat, and appealing. I also use a eyeliner precision tip brush, for my liquid eyeliner. If I am applying liquid eyeliner, I will apply my eyeshadow first, then my mascara and then the eyeliner. When applying liquid eyeliner, it tends to get on your lashes, and when you apply your mascara, your mascara will go on clumpy.


I hope you enjoyed my post! xoxo

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