Farmacy’s New Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask

Technological advancements have made it possible for the innovative thinkers and creators to leave an impact on society. With new and developing scientific research, we are able to find healthier alternatives on not only what we consume, but what we put on our bodies as well.

farmacy beauty ♥ skin care

Farmacy is an innovative skin care company that promotes their skin care line, by using farm-grown, hand-picked botanicals, which fuses age-old wisdom with cutting-edge technologies to create irritant-free bio, ctive formulations for fresh, radiant skin.

Echinacea green envy

What sets Farmacy’s skin care line apart from other products, is the active ingredient in their products. Echinacea Green Envy, which contains the highest concentration of the phytochemical Chichoric Acid. Chichoric Acid is a potent antioxidant which helps protect and firm the skin by inhibiting enzymes (commonly referred to as free radicals), that break down collagen. This powerful antioxidant is beneficial and essential in anti-aging process.

10% of wrinkles, and aging is caused by NATURALLY AGING. 90% is caused by sun exposure, and free radicals.

let’s review farmacy’s new hydrating coconut gel mask

11990470_1049572838388691_1246953632827199288_nI would like to thank Farmacy for sending me their new Coconut Gel Mask, and allowing me to give my viewers a sneak peak of the product, that will soon be available! Also may I point out, this is the first company that has sent me a cute hand written card. Call me old fashioned… but handwriting a message is so much more considerate and personal. It show’s that the company cares about their audience, values every customer and stands behind their integrity! It was a pleasant surprise, and I greatly appreciated that kind gesture!

IMG_20150913_132059Before I go over my opinions and recommendation for their product, I am going to tell you about all of their active ingredients! Coconut gel provides intensive hydration and restores the skin’s balance.The actual mask releases its complex of components which quickly penetrates your skin nourishing it with all of the active ingredients .

The masks come in 6 specialized formulations!
-Brightening (Activated by Antizyme-rich Purple Broccoli Extract)
-Deep Moisture (Activated by Vitamin C-rich Cucumber Extract)
-Soothing (Activated by Mineral-rich Kale Extract)
-Firming (Activated by Flavonoid-rich Celery Extract)
-Oil Control (Activated by Lycopene-rich Carrot Extract)
-Anti-Wrinkle (Activated by Vitamin A-rich Rhubarb Extract)

IMG_20150913_132450Sounds good already! This is the mask, it comes saturated in the gel. All you do is unfold the mask, and place it on your face for 25 minutes, for optimal results. From the texture and feel of the gel, I could already tell that my face was about to receive a blast of moisture, which is perfect for me, because I have the “Dry Skin Type.” You can never say no to moisturizing goodness.

IMG_20150913_132834 (1)Aside from looking like an alien that escaped off set during the filming of men in black, I really have to think about what is wrong with this product. Mmmm. No, nothing is wrong with this product, I really like it. Actually that is wrong. I LOVE this producut! My skin has never felt so refreshed, renewed and moisturized. This mask, in my opinion is equivalent to a pampered spa day, and for me admit that, and put it in writing, IT’S THE REAL DEAL.. I had a vibrant subtle glow all over my skin. It by far is the most soothing skin care product I have tried. After I rubbed in the remaining residue on my face, I allowed it to dry, and then applied my makeup afterwards. It glided on and I felt like a millll….. let me correct myself.. a Trillion Bucks!

would I recommend this product?

H… E …  to the double L’s  YESSSSS.  I think at one point in everyone’s life, they should try this mask, and use it habitually. I know I am going to!

product release dates;

This product will be released for purchase in all Sephora Stores by 9/18/2015
Want to know more about the company?

Watch their video

visit their website

♥  this post was sponsored by farmacy beauty

All though it is sponsored, all opinions of the product are my own, and all reviews I post on my blog are 100% honest.

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