The Extreme Differences Makeup Can Make

makeup artistry

is more then slathering cosmetics onto your face.

Makeup Application is an art. Those who are skillful and crafty with their makeup brush can produce drastic, transformative results. Results are achieved by mastering knowledgeable techniques. The face is a blank canvas, and you are the artist. The possible outcomes are endless, because limitation does not exist, in a world full of changing trend and creativity.

11988223_1045492162130092_6578540649632870987_nI am making this blog post, to show my special viewers, just exactly how much impact your makeup artistry skills can have on your appearance. If you are artistic, creative and skilled enough, you can apply makeup to look like a completely different person. The bold artists, who are masterful at shading, highlighting, and shadowing can re-sculpt the shape of their face. Whether it’s slimming the nose, defining your cheekbones, slimming your face, making your face shape more oval, it is possible. Remember….


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Video Tutorial On Properly Applying a Flawless Foundation Finish and Contouring Your Face

There is one thing.. (Well I lied, there’s quite a few) that I am completely obsessive compulsive about, and that’s foundation application and contouring. Whenever I meet new people, I get asked quite frequently how I apply my facial makeup. So I have made a video tutorial, on the proper technique’s, Product information, along with the brushes I use for application! Please enable HD mode while viewing! Thank you for watching. Feel free to share your thoughts, or add discussion on whatever products YOU like and that work best for you!