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DO YOU TEND TO TRY THE LATEST PRODUCTS BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE?DO YOU LOVE TO RECOMMEND AWESOME BEAUTY PRODUCTS TO OTHERS? has your makeup routine become repetitive and boring, and in need of a switch up?

If you answered yes, to any of these above, TESTTUBE’s new beauty subscription program is the thing for you, and rest assured, I know you’re going to l♥ve it! 

NewBeautytesttube & beauty by impulse join teams!

Sometimes… (most of the time) us girls, need our pamper time! Who wouldn’t love a surprise TESTTUBE filled with a bunch of full size name brand beauty products inside?

now for the sprinkles on top of the ice cream ♥

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Beauty Blogger Alyssa Renee, How Do I sign up?!

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Makeup Forever Eyeshadow

anyone can apply eye shadow…

The dilemma is; making your shadows seamlessly blend and intertwine for a mesmerizing jaw dropping look, is a little more tricky and time consuming then you initially thought.

SAM_0694 (3)My biggest downfall is my perfectionism. I was going to say obsessive compulsive, and that’s true to a certain extent, however it only applies to makeup!  When applying my makeup, if my shadow isn’t perfectly blended, or both eyes don’t match up, and my brow shadow is a quarter mm higher then the other eye… I CAN’T. (Grabs makeup removing wipes, removes makeup, starts all over) and winged eyeliner. OMG. seriously, I’m sure every girl obsessed with makeup has had one of those days where one wing is perfect and the other side won’t come out. I will sit in front of my mirror until I perfect it. Obsessive Compulsive, I swear!

SAM_0710 (3)They say home is where the heart is, so my home is located in the premises of my bathroom.. and the MAC store. Mac Cosmetics is my ultimate favorite brand, because of their consistency. You never have to question if a new product is going to be of good quality. I know when I purchase anything from Mac, I’m guaranteed to love it, and that’s a fact.  This post isn’t about Mac, so I will carry on.

Aside from Mac, my other favorite cosmetic company, specifically referring to eye shadow is,


SAM_0716 (2)

one word to describe makeup forever’s artist shadows



having no parallel or equal; exceptional

Makeup Forever’s Artist Shadows consists of a long lasting, breakthrough gel-powder, with highly saturated, vibrant pigments. Blending your shadow with Makeup Forever’s products is effortless. The rich color, glides on, with optimal color, and the best thing is, it stays.In fact, it’s the only eye shadow that I don’t use a primer with, and if you have watched my Youtube Video’s, you are already aware that I am fanatical about primers! BeautyPlus_20150915220450_save

This is a swatch of my three artist colors, with no primer.

As you can see, the eye shadow is true to color, very bright, and shimmery! They have a variety of colors you can purchase, that range from vibrant neon colors to matte colors.

This is by far the most convenient eye shadow to apply,  it looks phenomenal and  ItSAM_0673 (2) blends so smoothly. I definitely recommend for you to try Makeup Forever’s Artist Eye shadows!

I am new to the eye shadows by makeup forever, I’m stepping out of my MAC bubble. I LOVE MAKEUP FOREVER!

Have you tried the Artist Shadows?! What are your thoughts? Share what colors you like! Feel free to have an open discussion! 🙂

products featured in this blog

IMG_20150915_204141MAKEUP FOREVER

ARTIST EYE SHADOWS         I used three different eye shadow colors in this photo. I love using purple’s because purple accentuates and brings out the color of your natural eyes!



AND I-804

this is a non-sponsored post, all products in this post are my products that I have purchased on my own.




YOUNIQUE’S multi-level marketing SCAM Exposed!


is a new innovative cosmetic company that is growing and expanding in popularity. One product that they are notoriously recognized for is their new “3D fiber lash mascara” guaranteed to give you significant length, volume and extremely long lashes. Women from all over, are signing up to be an affiliate for the company, earning commissions on sales they make. The product promises to give you results unlike any other mascara. There are thousands of before and after photos, that have taken the internet by storm, and have filled each and everyone of our newsfeeds. Younique is talking the talkBUT ……

Can Younique walk the walk?!

The Power of Makeup!

I was inspired to create this video, specifically for all young girls, but its suitable for ALL people. I am constantly told how beautiful I am. Yes I consider myself pretty, but what’s on the inside is far more treasurable. Many girls grow up feeling insecure about their looks, their bodies and other features. This video is to show you that things are not always as they appear. Beauty is not out of reach, and if you feel insecure about the way you look, you can always enhance what you like most about yourself through the power of makeup artistry!

Video Tutorial On Properly Applying a Flawless Foundation Finish and Contouring Your Face

There is one thing.. (Well I lied, there’s quite a few) that I am completely obsessive compulsive about, and that’s foundation application and contouring. Whenever I meet new people, I get asked quite frequently how I apply my facial makeup. So I have made a video tutorial, on the proper technique’s, Product information, along with the brushes I use for application! Please enable HD mode while viewing! Thank you for watching. Feel free to share your thoughts, or add discussion on whatever products YOU like and that work best for you!


Amazonian Clay 
Waterproof 12-hour Concealer

A waterproof 12-hour concealer that expertly masks discolorations and skin imperfections in one seamless “dot & blend” application.

Purchase Me In Light  ♥

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cheeky tarte

Just Cheeky
Deluxe Cheek Stain Set

A set of 4 of Tarte’s iconic cheek stains in limited-edition shades.

Shades include:

  • Desire (golden peach)
  • Joyful (petal pink)
  • Destiny (raspberry)
  • Ambition (soft melon)

Product Performance: Achieve a naturally flawless festive glow with this limited-edition set of 4 deluxe cheek stains. The cheek stain that started it all comes all dressed up in limited-edition shades and individual packaging to share the gift of tint with your loved ones or yourself!

Powered By:

• t5 super fruit complex™: a proprietary blend of the five most active antioxidant-rich superfruits (maracuja, goji, açaí, acerola, and pomegranate), this complex delivers anti-aging and skin-restorative benefits to skin with each application

Click To Purchase My Tarte Cheek Stain Gift Pack! ♥


Amazonian Clay Matte Palette

Product Performance: tarte is introducing an all matte eyeshadow palette featuring 12 never-before-seen shades to inspire, celebrate and empower real women to take on the day with confidence. The name says it all – this sleek, statement palette is all about the tartelette and features tarte’s signature Amazonian clay-infused, longwear eyeshadow in rich matte shades that are as beautifully diverse as the brand’s loyal fans:

Click To Purchase My Tarte Palette

  • free spirit (cream)
  • force of nature (nude)
  • dreamer (warm brown)
  • multi-tasker (chocolate)
  • caregiver (pale pink)
  • natural beauty (mauve)
  • best friend (mulberry)
  • bombshell (dark plum)
  • super mom ivory)
  • wanderer (light brown)
  • power player (taupe)
  • fashionista (black)

Powered By:  

  • Amazonian clay: nature’s most perfect ingredient for better, longer, truer wear
  • vitamin E: natural preservative that also acts as an anti-inflammatory emollient and antioxidant
  • mineral pigments: soothe and soften skin


Before & After, Total Makeovers #GlamSquadAlert

Everyone in life has their niche.

  1. place or position (something) in a niche.

For me, It happens to just be beauty. Something I have always been infatuated with, yet never fully embraced until now. See, when you grow up, your immediate circle tends to mold and influence your thinking, and behavior. Growing up around people who didn’t know the difference between facial Skin Cleanser and *Gasps* Bar soap, made me kind of think per say….. I was a narcissist. OK .. I lied. Complete full out space alien, from another intergalactic planet is more like it! I spent hours on hours, upon hours doing my makeup, making sure everything was perfect, to wash it off and try another look. I call that Makeup MADNESS

Anyways skipping the aging timeline, 20 years later…… I am still doing the same thing, only I don’t feel like a being from another planet, or narcissistic. I’ve embraced my Beauty Pulse. I love to share my knowledge of cosmetics and beauty with others. Many people under estimate the power of being able to apply makeup skillfully. Sadly some people don’t know the difference between a moisturizer and anti-aging serum… that’s for another blog tho! Here is some of my Before & After Photo’s of my #GlamSquadAlert makeovers!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you enjoyed! Comment or share your before and after photos!

Eyelid Primers

Eyelid Primers don’t catch much hype, and they are very underestimated. To get an eye catching result, a primer is essential. Primers make sure your product stays in place. With all the blending and variety of colors being used per look, I’d say it’s pretty important. Primers can also enhance the coloring, and pigmentation of your shadows, making them look more rich and indulgent.

  •    Eyelid primers used in demonstration
  • Urban Decay
  • E.l.f