Revealed Truth About Your Skin and Skin Products!

purify your skin


the skin care market:

has gained tremendous momentum and popularity among its peers in today’s modern era, as a result of advancements in the latest technology making it possible to develop and produce innovative products to deliver significant enhancements to the skin

the most common misconception

Many people are unaware of their misconception on what products actually do. It’s so important to not only have a daily skincare routine, but it’s crucial that you gain knowledge about skincare ingredients.

some think that it is ridiculous to spend hundreds of dollars on a skin care set

I really want you to think about this. Your skin is the body’s outer protective suit. Everything is absorbed through your skin and goes straight to your bloodstream. Your skin is your greatest asset.

PHE1753Normal cleansing products, from common retailers can advertise their product as “Natural and All Organic” but in many cases, that is the furthest thing from the truth. Many of the active ingredients in those products are not natural at all, they are ingredients grown inside a laboratory which are a synthetic, chemically modified substitute of a natural ingredient, which is designed to product similar qualities.


We cleanse our faces to remove impurities, treat and prevent blemishes and acne, and decrease or minimize acute signs of aging.

Popular Acne Products contain high levels of concentrated “Salicylic Acid” , and “Alcohol”. Other Ingredients may include, Hyaluronic Acid, Generic and synthetic Gylcol/Gylcolic Acid and Retinol.

What your really doing to your skin;


High concentrates of Salicylic Acid, and Alcohol, along with hydrogen peroxide is used to dry out the area infected, so inflammation will diminish faster, as well as reduce redness. You are not treating your skin.

you are putting a Band-Aid over a wound that needs stitches.

Blemishes and breakouts are internal, they develop inside of the skin, and move to the top layer. You may be experiencing “OK” results with your skin care now, however SKIN PURIFICATION is a different story.

When you use a skin purifying product, you need to keep this in mind

You need an entire set for optimal results that include
  • Cleansor
  • Toner
  • Spot Treatment (Optional but recommended)
  • moisturizer


A moisturizer hydrates and smooth’s your skin, sunscreen protects you from the suns harmful rays.

your skin has to get worse, before it can get better

I probably have you all confused now, but yes you read me correctly. Whenever you put anything directly on your skin, whether it’s lotion, or makeup, it is being stored within your pores. That is why some pores appear larger then others.

Our body has Sebaceous Glands that produce oil, and our skin has 3 layers. The Subcutaneous layer, where skin regrowth, takes place, the Dermis, And the outer layer called the Epidermis. Many times, Oil and dead skin cells will get trapped in the skins layers, which cause white or yellow discoloration, raised flat patches, uneven skintone, freckle like appearences, blackheads, white heads, and cystic acne.

When you purify your skin, you are riding your skin of chemical buildup, clogged pores, and oil trapped beneath the surface that is unable to make it’s way up. All Impurities are brought to the surface, allowing them to finally be able to be evacuated out of your skin. If you are not breaking out, or seeing blackheads and oil coming to the surface you are using the wrong product.



I received Equitance’s brightening collection, and I have been using it to purify my skin. My skin has been lacking its luster, it felt dry, and looked dull. I am a mother to a rambunctious enthusiastic and energetic 5-year old boy filled with vitality, that never wants to sleep. I always tell people, I evolved from the raccoon ancestry, because my under eye circles were always horrid and dark. My skin did not have a youthful glow, it wasn’t vibrant, it made me feel like my skin was the equivalence to the appearance of dust on the top of an old bookshelf! …… and I’m only 24!

enough about me more about equitance!

Equitance is a luxury skin care line that have had many clinical trails, documentating and scientifically proving its benefits in anti-aging, blemish control, and hyper pigmentation removal. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Equitance uses the most advance technology and natural ingredients to deliver unremarkable results  that enhance and fix your skin’s appearance SIGNIFICANTLY.

The Powerful Ingredients in Equitance Formulas

Sourced from nature, each ingredient possesses unique powers that contribute to the brightening and revitalizing efficacy of Equitance Skin Care.



appears in all topical Equitance formulas. It is extracted from safflower seed oil and purified. Further, we found that linoleic acid’s primary effect helps to significantly minimize the appearance of dark spots. It promotes the exfoliation of the stored melanin that form dark spots. Linoleic Acid alone possesses such power. We’ve patented a unique delivery system for linoleic acid that we exclusively use in two targeted Equitance formulas: Equitance Brightening Serum + Dark Spot Corrector and Equitance Hydrating Brightening Cream.



is culled from the Japanese sakura tree and possesses properties that sooth and soften rough skin.


is derived from the Japanese alpinia speciosa leaf. Its intense moisturizing properties help brighten the skin


is found in tapioca and potato starch. It helps sooth and moisturizes and improves tones.

  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate and Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate

made from licorice, possess soothing properties.

Betaine is made from sugar beets and possesses natural moisturizing factors that allow it to work within skin’s natural moisturizing process.

Acetyl Glucosamine is harvested from crab shells. It helps the production of hyaluronic acid, an intensely effective moisturizer.

Yogurt Extract is cultured from lactobacillus bulgaricus. It not only nourishes but supports skin recovery and brightening.

Shea Butter is ground from shea butter nuts. It creates a balanced moisture veil that protects skin from dryness and environmental stressors, such as pollution and the drying effects of environmental pollution.


I absolutely love it! ♥ The cleanser is such a rich cream. I apply a dab and work it into my face when it is damp. It starts to foam up into a thick soothing lather that feels like velvet sweeping across my face. I never get blackheads (open comedones) the oil gets trapped deeply under my skin causing larger pores in some areas, as well as discoloration spots. I have been using all of equitance’s products in my daily skin care routine. It has brought all of the oils and toxins to the surface of my skin, so they can be expelled. My large pores are completely gone. My face has a luminous vibrant glow, and it gave life back to the appearance of my skin.


I can only describe it with one word, it’s like no other other moisturizer I’ve experienced before!



Farmacy’s New Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask

Technological advancements have made it possible for the innovative thinkers and creators to leave an impact on society. With new and developing scientific research, we are able to find healthier alternatives on not only what we consume, but what we put on our bodies as well.

farmacy beauty ♥ skin care

Farmacy is an innovative skin care company that promotes their skin care line, by using farm-grown, hand-picked botanicals, which fuses age-old wisdom with cutting-edge technologies to create irritant-free bio, ctive formulations for fresh, radiant skin.

Echinacea green envy

What sets Farmacy’s skin care line apart from other products, is the active ingredient in their products. Echinacea Green Envy, which contains the highest concentration of the phytochemical Chichoric Acid. Chichoric Acid is a potent antioxidant which helps protect and firm the skin by inhibiting enzymes (commonly referred to as free radicals), that break down collagen. This powerful antioxidant is beneficial and essential in anti-aging process.

10% of wrinkles, and aging is caused by NATURALLY AGING. 90% is caused by sun exposure, and free radicals.

let’s review farmacy’s new hydrating coconut gel mask

11990470_1049572838388691_1246953632827199288_nI would like to thank Farmacy for sending me their new Coconut Gel Mask, and allowing me to give my viewers a sneak peak of the product, that will soon be available! Also may I point out, this is the first company that has sent me a cute hand written card. Call me old fashioned… but handwriting a message is so much more considerate and personal. It show’s that the company cares about their audience, values every customer and stands behind their integrity! It was a pleasant surprise, and I greatly appreciated that kind gesture!

IMG_20150913_132059Before I go over my opinions and recommendation for their product, I am going to tell you about all of their active ingredients! Coconut gel provides intensive hydration and restores the skin’s balance.The actual mask releases its complex of components which quickly penetrates your skin nourishing it with all of the active ingredients .

The masks come in 6 specialized formulations!
-Brightening (Activated by Antizyme-rich Purple Broccoli Extract)
-Deep Moisture (Activated by Vitamin C-rich Cucumber Extract)
-Soothing (Activated by Mineral-rich Kale Extract)
-Firming (Activated by Flavonoid-rich Celery Extract)
-Oil Control (Activated by Lycopene-rich Carrot Extract)
-Anti-Wrinkle (Activated by Vitamin A-rich Rhubarb Extract)

IMG_20150913_132450Sounds good already! This is the mask, it comes saturated in the gel. All you do is unfold the mask, and place it on your face for 25 minutes, for optimal results. From the texture and feel of the gel, I could already tell that my face was about to receive a blast of moisture, which is perfect for me, because I have the “Dry Skin Type.” You can never say no to moisturizing goodness.

IMG_20150913_132834 (1)Aside from looking like an alien that escaped off set during the filming of men in black, I really have to think about what is wrong with this product. Mmmm. No, nothing is wrong with this product, I really like it. Actually that is wrong. I LOVE this producut! My skin has never felt so refreshed, renewed and moisturized. This mask, in my opinion is equivalent to a pampered spa day, and for me admit that, and put it in writing, IT’S THE REAL DEAL.. I had a vibrant subtle glow all over my skin. It by far is the most soothing skin care product I have tried. After I rubbed in the remaining residue on my face, I allowed it to dry, and then applied my makeup afterwards. It glided on and I felt like a millll….. let me correct myself.. a Trillion Bucks!

would I recommend this product?

H… E …  to the double L’s  YESSSSS.  I think at one point in everyone’s life, they should try this mask, and use it habitually. I know I am going to!

product release dates;

This product will be released for purchase in all Sephora Stores by 9/18/2015
Want to know more about the company?

Watch their video

visit their website

♥  this post was sponsored by farmacy beauty

All though it is sponsored, all opinions of the product are my own, and all reviews I post on my blog are 100% honest.

Product Review for Elba Naturals CoQ10 Creme

IMG_20150907_142551♥♥ eLBA NATURALS

CoQ10 Crème

  • -Anti-Aging
  • -Moisturizer
  • -Diminishes Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • -Vitamin and antioxidant based, to promote cell growth and restoration.

♥ I would like to thank elba naturals, for sending me their CoQ10 Crème as a complimentary gift, in exchange for my opinion and review on their product. I am 100% honest in all of my reviews, and I do not recommend products, I myself would not use, or do not like. I appreciate all of my viewers, and followers, and I want to recommend only the best of the best for them! With that being said, Let’s start my review!

IMG_20150907_142729What the product ingredients are and what the product is suppose to do;

As advertised on the label, CoQ10 crème contains a vitamin-like substance present in the human body. It is crucial for cell function because it produces energy needed for cells to grow and strengthen. CoQ10 also serves as a powerful antioxidant that defends against changes to the collagen and elastin in particular.

What it really does; I have been using this product for about 3 days. The product says it is able to be used all over the face and neck, in the morning as well as night. I do not recommend doing that. I will go more into detail about why, later in this article. As I applied to my face, It DID help, even out my skin tone, as some certain areas tend to be a little off colored. I DID notice a significant in the firmness and tightness of my skin. The product contains an anti-aging agent and ingredient called Hyaluronic Acid. What is Hyaluronic Acid?!  Hyaluronic acid is a naturally produced carbohydrate in the human body. It’s present in large amounts in the spaces between skin cells, where it provides moisture, plumpness, firmness and suppleness to the skin.

There is also a lot of interest in using hyaluronic acid to prevent the effects of aging. In fact, hyaluronic acid has been promoted as a “fountain of youth.” However, there is no evidence to support the claim that applying it to the skin can prevent changes associated with aging. So It all boils down to personal preference and skin type.

Side effects that I Experienced

  • Increased Dryness
  • Excessive skin peeling.
  • Tight skin (+)
  • Firmness (+)
  • Even skin tone (+)
hyaluronic acid is a form of exfoliation, along with other vitamins and essential oils this product contains.

Dryness and peeling that I am experiencing, from this product is not necessarily a negative characteristic. I am an esthetician, and studied the function of the skin. The dryness and peeling occurs because, you are removing dead skin cells. Peeling is a symptom and sign of cellular regrowth. You shed a layer of skin, for a newer healthier layer.

my overall opinion on the product and recommendation for the public, as well as the company;

This product is a good product, if you are using it for an Anti-Aging treatment, and a way to exfoliate your skin. I don’t recommend using this as a moisturizer. I do not recommend this for people who have sensitive skin. The product is great for people who have an Oily Skin Type, as it will help prevent and slow down the excess  of oil produced by your skin. Do not use more then 3x a week. Use as a means to exfoliate your skin and remove patches of dead skin. I have an overall positive opinion of Elba Naturals CoQ10 Crème. The crème has great benefits if used as an exfoliator. A few things that can be improved, in my opinion, is the display of the product. The product packaging needs to be more flashy and commercial for optimal sales and interest with the public. Disclose on your website, or on the product label that peeling may occur, and explain that peeling skin is a normal process during a cellular growth stage. Many people who purchase products do not have the knowledge of an esthetician, nor do they know what happens during cellular growth. Be more specific.

over all, +++++

Video Tutorial On Properly Applying a Flawless Foundation Finish and Contouring Your Face

There is one thing.. (Well I lied, there’s quite a few) that I am completely obsessive compulsive about, and that’s foundation application and contouring. Whenever I meet new people, I get asked quite frequently how I apply my facial makeup. So I have made a video tutorial, on the proper technique’s, Product information, along with the brushes I use for application! Please enable HD mode while viewing! Thank you for watching. Feel free to share your thoughts, or add discussion on whatever products YOU like and that work best for you!

Before & After, Total Makeovers #GlamSquadAlert

Everyone in life has their niche.

  1. place or position (something) in a niche.

For me, It happens to just be beauty. Something I have always been infatuated with, yet never fully embraced until now. See, when you grow up, your immediate circle tends to mold and influence your thinking, and behavior. Growing up around people who didn’t know the difference between facial Skin Cleanser and *Gasps* Bar soap, made me kind of think per say….. I was a narcissist. OK .. I lied. Complete full out space alien, from another intergalactic planet is more like it! I spent hours on hours, upon hours doing my makeup, making sure everything was perfect, to wash it off and try another look. I call that Makeup MADNESS

Anyways skipping the aging timeline, 20 years later…… I am still doing the same thing, only I don’t feel like a being from another planet, or narcissistic. I’ve embraced my Beauty Pulse. I love to share my knowledge of cosmetics and beauty with others. Many people under estimate the power of being able to apply makeup skillfully. Sadly some people don’t know the difference between a moisturizer and anti-aging serum… that’s for another blog tho! Here is some of my Before & After Photo’s of my #GlamSquadAlert makeovers!

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Hope you enjoyed! Comment or share your before and after photos!