YOUNIQUE’S multi-level marketing SCAM Exposed!


is a new innovative cosmetic company that is growing and expanding in popularity. One product that they are notoriously recognized for is their new “3D fiber lash mascara” guaranteed to give you significant length, volume and extremely long lashes. Women from all over, are signing up to be an affiliate for the company, earning commissions on sales they make. The product promises to give you results unlike any other mascara. There are thousands of before and after photos, that have taken the internet by storm, and have filled each and everyone of our newsfeeds. Younique is talking the talkBUT ……

Can Younique walk the walk?!

The Power of Makeup!

I was inspired to create this video, specifically for all young girls, but its suitable for ALL people. I am constantly told how beautiful I am. Yes I consider myself pretty, but what’s on the inside is far more treasurable. Many girls grow up feeling insecure about their looks, their bodies and other features. This video is to show you that things are not always as they appear. Beauty is not out of reach, and if you feel insecure about the way you look, you can always enhance what you like most about yourself through the power of makeup artistry!